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Business Writing

Week 1

  • Be the windowpane, clarity above all
  • Appearance matters, design your document
  • Waste No Time
  • Don't sound smart, be smart
  • Own your ideas (be the authority)
    • Avoid use wishy-washy words
      • Should, could, maybe, ought, might, think

Bad examples

  • We think these changes might create the growth we need.
  • We think these changes might create the efficiency we could use to further improve our supply chain.

Good examples

  • These changes will create the efficiency we need to improve our supply chain.

Design your writings

  • short paragraph
  • use bullet points
  • use bold faces

Week 2

  • Orgnize or die
  • Great writers are great revisers
  • Scaffold you need
  • The roadmap: say what you're going to say
  • Say it: the signposted boday paragraph
  • conclusion: Say what you just said
  • one idea per paragrah
  • every paragraph should start with a strong topic sentence

Week 3

  • signpost *

Week 4