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Payment platform

Uber Payment Platform


  • focus on externally facing systems
  • Disbursement
  • Collection
  • Payment Service Provider (PSP) (JSON API, one transaction per request/resposne)
  • Bank (File-based API, multiple transactions per request/response)
  • things responsible for preventing
    • lack of payment
    • duplicate payments
    • Incorrect currency conversion
    • Incorrect payment
    • Dangling authorization
  • Architecture
  • Storage for multiplexing and retries
    • idempotency/deduplication
    • track each request/response before we make the call to PSP
    • strong consistency
    • Uber Storage
  • Generate unique external ID
    • ID generation clients (allocate batch of IDs to client)
    • serve IDs in memory (backed up)
    • Can only advance
    • Unique ID generation
  • Deterministic Batching
    • Same group of transaction for every try
    • Deterministic batching

GreenField MVP

GreenField MVP Credit Card Architecture


  • client -> Merchant(POS) -> Acquirer -> Network (MasterCard) -> issuer (bank)

Shopify eCommerce


  • Customers
  • Products
  • Orders
  • Payment
  • Shop owners
  • Isolation of items
  • Plugins
  • Storefront v.s. backend API

Write ahead log (WAL)

The payment transaction need to be logged before the API call is made.