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How to Design a Ticket System

Similar design questions

  • How to design a coupon system (ticketmaster)

System Requirements

  • What's type of coupon?
    • Free or non free? (payment system)
    • Can it be shared?
    • Does it have an expiration?
    • What's other features it should support beside distributing coupons?
  • Users
    • clients, consume coupon/tickets
    • vendors, produce coupon/tickets, need to have a coupon management system to do that.
  • coupon "transactions"
  • coupon verification, barcode, etc.
  • Availablility
  • Fault torlerance
  • Scalability

Core features

  • Browse coupon by shop, product/service types (categories).
  • Claim a coupon, put into their bag.
  • how to get a coupon?
  • Who and how to produce a coupon?
  • user profile/account?
  • Handle failure
  • Handle coupon timeout
  • Horizontal scale

Data structure and calculations

  • How many products, how many coupons for each product?
  • Time range we are publishing coupones? (1 month, 1 week?)
  • How many coupon in total we need to tracking at the same time?
  • distributed queue data structure
  • elements in the queue should be a coupon object (with type, counter, expiration, etc.)
  • May need to have different queue to keep coupon in different stages (e.g. created, published (display), reserved, claimed, expired).


  • overall system architecture,
  • database Schema design (the data model and data size)
    • coupon (128 bytes)
    • product (128 bytes)
    • ticket event table
    • event seats table
    • user table
    • purchase info table
  • How to handle two people try to purchase the same ticket?
  • How to store ticket purchase information in the database?
    • can store with seat table.
    • can store the credit card within the user profile.
    • can have a seperate table for purchase, flexible in handling return and refund.
  • How to handle guest purchase?
    • Is register required?
    • anonymous with purchase info, events, tickets, etc.
  • Walk thorugh a simple use case to check whether we missed any core feature.

Scale it

  • reflect on the QPS calculation, identify bottlenecks and issues for high QPS.
  • load balancer
  • cache (CDN)
  • how to handle different people by the same ticket?
    • draw a timeline to show the potentiall issue (race condition)
    • how to ensure there is no race condition?
      • check in each step whether the seat is available or not? (browse, add payment, submit order)
      • ACID database with transaction support (who ever comes first get the ticket)
  • how to improve the user experience by deciding when to lock the seat. whoever first select the seat will be sure they will get it, but bad guys might never buy but just select. How can we solve the issue?
    • timeout, after timeout, if not paid, go back to the queue so that others can buy.
  • Database performance
    • Read v.s write
    • If read heavy, memory cache can be handy (Memcached)
  • Frontend performance
    • autoscaler (auto add additional webserver)
    • load balancer (horizontal scale)
    • cache static html file (precompute the main listing page cache it in memory or CDN)
  • Reliability
    • identify Single point of failure
    • add backups/replica/failovers (loadbalancer, database, distributed cache)
    • RAM volatile memory, lost data on power outage. (Uninterruptible power supply (UPS))


  • support return and refund?
  • handle peak traffic incase a popolar event coming up.
  • How to design firewall/routing policy, and how to secure user password and information
  • Enable SSL for secure client server data transfer.